General Conditions

1. Rotas de Sicó registration

The Rotas de Sicó is a touristic animation company registered in the Registo Nacional de Agentes de Animação Turística of Turismo de Portugal, I. P. holding the number 336/2013.

2. Knowledge and acceptance of the general conditions

The client inscription in any program of Rotas de Sicó presupposes knowledge and acceptance of these conditions, bearing in mind that the general conditions will always be overridden by particular conditions of each specific program.

3. Insurances

According to legislation in force, all participants are covered by a personal accident insurance and for liability insurance covering the activities related to the services of Rotas de Sicó.

The insurance will not be activated if the participant(s) is (are) in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of narcotics, drugs or other toxic substances not prescribed by a doctor.

4. Communications, inscriptions and payments

Communications between Rotas de Sicó and the client regarding bookings, budgets, changes and cancellations may be made by e-mail or post mail with as much antecedence as possible.

Upon receipt of registration data, the Rotas de Sicó will inform the customer about the total value of the service.

The customer will have to pay 30% of the program cost, by wire transfer (to NIB 0010 0000 3559 4070 0022 5 - Carlos Jorge Branco Ferreira Marques).

The registration will be considered accepted upon receipt of proof of bank transfer payment of 30% of the total amount. This proof may be a scanning the proof of payment or, alternatively, an e-mail with: date, name, contact telephone number, tax identification number, client’s bank and transfer amount.

Confirmations of registrations and payments are made by e-mail.

The remaining 70% is paid until the beginning of service by wire transfer, cash or check endorsed to Carlos Jorge Branco Ferreira Marques.

Rotas de Sicó reserves the right to cancel any registration for which payment has not been made under the above conditions.

5. Prices

The program fees of tourist routes presented to the client include transportation, tour guide, meals described in the program (agreed between the client and Rotas de Sicó), museums access, insurance and VAT at the legal rate in force unless expressly stated otherwise. Does not include food other than that referred in the program nor personal expenses.

6. Customer’s responsibilities

It is the customer's responsibility:

7. Alterations and cancellations by the client

The customer may request changes to bookings made up to 8 days before the date set for the provision of services, without penalty. The changes mentioned above may involve date(s), schedule(s) and/or route(s) desired.

If the customer cancels the tourist route program requested:

8. Changes and refunds by the Rotas de Sicó

The order of the routes, times and places to visit can be changed by Rotas de Sicó for reasons of force majeure, being replaced by other points of visit.

If those facts do not attributable to the Rotas de Sicó determine the cancelation of the requested program, the customer can choose to participate in another program, of equivalent price. If the proposed program has a lower price, the customer will be reimbursed for their difference. If another date is proposed, the client can choose to keep his subscription.

However, if the client is not interested in the proposed amendments, he/she is entitled to withdraw from the program and be reimbursed the amount paid.

The Rotas de Sicó reserves the right to change the prices of the activities if there is variation in cost of services and other factors beyond the company. Whenever there is a change in price, the customer will be informed and invited (within the set time) to accept the increase or modify/cancel his/her subscription. If the customer wishes to annul the inscription in the activity, will be refunded the amount paid.

There will be no refund if the customer arrives late to an activity or finish early, or does not enjoy any meal or service included in the program.

After starting the route is not due a refund for unused services or meals by the customer.

The services will not be provided to customers, to start service, are in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of narcotics, drugs or other toxic substances not prescribed by a doctor, as well as customers who do not appear adequate health status to service or to contact with other individuals. In these cases, there will be no refund or claim.

9. No-show by the customer

The no-show by the customer in the place, day and time pre-set for the beginning of the activity, is considered cancelation, and occurs in the total loss payment made, and there will be complaints.

It is considered as no-show delays equal to or greater than 30 (thirty) minutes beyond the pre-set time.

10. Complaints

The Rotas de Sicó undertakes to comply with all laws and regulations relating to the treatment of the client’s complaint, which will only be considered when the presented in writing and within a period not exceeding 15 working days after the end of the program that caused the complaint. The complaint should have been reported to the tour guide responsible for the program.

11. Use of images

Any image of the client, captured during the activities of Rotas de Sicó can be used by the company without charge and without a paying customer, in illustration of promotional material and advertising company such as catalogs, slides, posters, videos and Internet. Whenever they refer to under aged, the Rotas de Sicó undertakes to safeguard as much as possible the identity of the clients, publishing photographs only where it is not immediately possible to recognize the under aged.

12. Exceptions

These general conditions are targeted at individual clients and not for business partners. These conditions can be revoked or amended by contracts, obligations, or agreements with business partners.